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Nile / luxor/Reduced rent price, 25 us dollar for a night 125 us dollar for a week 500 us dollar for a month that tow bedrooms Bungalow dome house for rent in Luxor city, Egypt.

WB1824R A bungalow domed house for Rent in Luxor city

  • 300 Sq M
  • 2 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • Furnished
  • NoMortgage

Reduced rent price, 20 us dollar for a night 110 us dollar for a week 400 us dollar for a month that tow bedrooms Bungalow dome house for rent in Luxor city, Egypt. Bungalow dome house is set in a quiet area of Ramla on the west bank of Luxor city, Egypt.

Just off the Nile front and only a few minutes walk to the river Nile.

The entrance is through a secure steel gate leading into the walled garden which has flowers, shrubs, and aromatic scented plants.

This house consists of an open lounge area with a sitting room, dining room, and kitchen with marble top work.

And this is a good size kitchen with stainless steel sink with granite work surfaces.

There are two bedrooms Bungalow dome house direct on the canal.

Bathroom with full-size bath, shower, washbasin, mirror, and W.C.

it’s close to all amenities, shops, restaurants, pharmacy, supermarkets and coffee shops with Nile views. It is situated just 5 minutes walk to the ferry point.

Also to the motorboats crossings which take you to the East bank of Luxor city. Also to the great monument of Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Luxor Museum and Museum of embalming.

There are excellent transport links of taxis and local buses that will take you to all the ancient monuments. And also historic sites of the West Bank, Valley of the Kings and Queens which also including the original tomb of the famous Tutankhamen. And the new replica tomb situated near to Carter’s house. Also, the temples of Hatshepsut, Ramses II, Seti I and the wonderful Habu Temple, workers village, and tombs of the Nobles.

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