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WB0001S 3 Storey building consisting of 6 apartments located in Kabawy

1 July, 2014
  • 260 Sq M
  • 12 Beds
  • 6 Baths
  • Unfurnish
  • Mortgage
Apartment Building

This is not available until January 2021

Three storey apartment building with three entrances and two apartments on each floor.

Three storey mainly unfinished building consisting of six apartments. Each apartment having a living area of 115 sq mtrs.

Each apartment has living/dining area, three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Ground floor:
One apartment partially finished and the other unfinished.

First floor:
Unfurnished apartment and partially finished apartment.

Second floor:
Two unfinished apartments.

Each apartment overlooks three main streets, has four balconies, and has Theban Peak, scenic and partial Nile views.

South Street width 6 mtrs
North street width 6 mtrs
East Street width 4 mtrs


Agent Info:

Mobile: Tel. / Whatsapp / Viber 002 0101 4000 530

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